This is the deep web hosting company Occulus Omega. You can access this site on the clearnet through occurelay.net.

We offer hosting at $45 USD for three months. We offer free forums/wikis. We have reduced our prices!

Private Vendor Store for $395 USD, $355 less than before, flat 2.5% commission from revenue.

We can do relays on to the clearnet, for instance we run occurelay.net. We can relay your sites as well, and we have a private route to sites like blockchain and coinbase.

We offer:

  • Gentoo Hardened server with nginx, PHP 5.6, and MySQL 5.6.
  • Unlimited space and bandwidth, though sites draining CPU/RAM may need to be moved to VPS servers. There is an arbitrary limit where we charge more if you're costing me more than you make.
  • A generous allocation of hosting resources, small communities, vendors and others should never need to be moved.
  • Software development and implementation.
  • Private vendor stores to sell your wares.
  • Installation of web software to your OO home directory.
  • Relay services to hide your identity and usage of Tor.
  • Consultation about OPSEC or any security related matter.
  • If you want a community, a mass of people, I may help you for free. Just let me know what kind of forum/wiki you want and I will decide.

We have these rules:

  • You cannot scam other deep web vendors. I do not have the resources to police scams on deep web customers. You cannot clone or phish onion sites.
  • You cannot exploit Occulus Omega. Detection of such exploits will lead to account termination.
  • No terrorist sites are permitted, political movements are allowed but are considered suspicious.
  • Child pornography is not permitted, rape and exploitation videos are not permitted.
  • Don't anger millionaires unless it is corporate whistleblowing.
  • These rules may be updated at any time.

Still interested?

Contact Occulus Omega.

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